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The Summer of Neon Nails

Summer is nearly here. Can you feel it? I literally can’t stop thinking about it. I feel this summer might be a bit different than years past (RIP to festivals, concerts and general frolicking with friends) but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our nails. There is something about this time of year that makes me want BRIGHT nails, fun nails. Fall and winter I tend to lean towards a neutral polish, but give me all the neon in the summer. 

 I love all polish but gel nails are where it’s at for me in the summer. Between lake days and gardening my nail polish is usually toast on day one. I stumbled upon Le Mini Macaron a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I originally purchased the Maxi Macaron and have since acquired a mini macaron as well. The larger lamp is awesome to get your mani done FAST, but the mini works just as well. Plus the minis come in so many fun colors and so good for travel (or tiny apartment living). 

 Before I jump into what shades I’ll be wearing on my nails this summer, we need to talk nail care. I feel so excited LMM launched a nail care line recently. Taking care of your nails is a step that often goes overlooked. My nails tend to be fairly weak so I couldn’t be happier to be using Paris Roc the 3-in-1 nail hardener. It’s essential for my brittle nails. LMM also released a rose cuticle oil, a nail brightener and a ridge filler. The ridge filler is a creamy pink that is basically an Instagram filter for your nails. I like to wear it on days I’m skipping polish. 

 Ok lets get to the fun part…Le Mini Macaron has released 3 fun shades for Festival Season! Think electric colors that will make your nails pop! Party Babe is an electric yellow polish, Con Altura is a neon hot pink with a glossy shine for your ultimate festival vibes and last but not least Sugar Crush which has rose-pink and lilac-purple hues that blend together with a burst of sparkling glitter. I’m personally a huge fan of the neon pink! What a fun shade, definitely gives my nails that POP of color. It practically glows in the dark. I’ve received so many compliments on it. 

 So there you have it, even though I won’t be going to any festivals this summer you can bet I’ll be sporting neon nails. Which color will you choose?









 Steph Croft is the voice behind The Darling Dahlia. When she’s not chatting about beauty on her blog and Instagram you can find her sipping rose and adventuring with her hubby and 4 year old daughter.