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Tie-Dye Nails

What do we love most about summer? Hot, hazy days... ice creams on the beach… cute outfits… colorful everything?

Well, the buzzkill that is ‘rona may be depriving us of beach trips and barbeques, but there’s absolutely no reason we can’t still indulge in a splash of color - and there’s never been an easier way to do that than with our current obsession: tie-dye nail art.

tie-dye nail art FINAL LOOK


Simple to do and gorgeous to look at, this vibrant gel nails design is popping up all over the place this summer (what are these if not the summeriest nails you’ve ever seen?). If you want to give this DIY manicure a go on your own nails, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

First, make sure you’ve got everything you need in your gel nail kit: your LED lamp, makeup sponge, cuticle stick, and of course your gel polishes. We’ve chosen Milkshake as the base color, then Lemon Sorbet, Blue Vanilla, and one of our best pink polishes, Ohlala Havana, to go on top.

Once you’ve got all that sorted, it’s time to get started! Follow these 5 simple instructions for a super-easy set of steps to perfect gel rainbow nails. Who needs the nail salon when you can do it yourself? Let’s begin!

Step 1

tie-dye nail art first step

Apply Milkshake to your nails and cure it for 30 seconds in the LED manicure lamp. Give it a second layer and repeat.

Step 2

tie-dye nail art second step

Gently drip or dab a little of each other color on the nail at random. We've used three shades for this look, but you can customize it according to what you like best.

Step 3

tie-dye nail art 3 step

Dab the makeup sponge lightly over the nail. It’ll blur everything together and you'll be left with a gorgeously soft blend of the colors you've chosen!

Step 4

tie-dye nail art 4 step

Don't worry about getting gel polish on your skin - if you do, just clean it off with the cuticle stick before you cure your nail in the LED manicure lamp.

Step 5

tie-dye nail art 5 step

Seal in your gel manicure with a light layer of Gel Topcoat - and you're done!

Don’t forget your nail care - if your nails need a little bit of TLC after all that, check out our site to see our nail treatments. You’ll learn how to hydrate nails and get tips on how to repair nails after gel manicure. You can also find out how to remove gel polish at home with our gel remover wraps.

If you still need a bit more inspiration for nail designs ideas, check out some of our Instagram followers’ photos to get some nail art tips from the pros - or take a look at our nail art tutorial to see how you can do this at home salon-worthy manicure without even having to leave your house.

Have fun - and remember to upload your tie-dye nails designs and tag us so we can drool over them! 😍