Midnight Blueberry - Gel Manicure Kit

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Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

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Courtney Brocker
Kickstarter backed. Husband's toes approved.

I backed the Kickstarter campaign in winter 2017 and picked up this bunde for myself and the special champagne gold set as a gift. So we have had it for nearly a year and my sister and I love our lamps! The midnight blueberry shade is more navy than blue the website shows but that's ok it looks good and wears well. I think these gels wear best with either the Le Mini Macaron 3x shine topcoat or another led curing gel top coat. I tend to use my China Glaze Gelaze top coat with no issues as well as their other colors in that line. I like to use a USB A female to USB C male adapter to run the lamp off my phone so I can do my nails just about anywhere and with the low odor of the gel polishes from Le Mini Macaron the only people that notice are those that hear me pushing the button. I am totally going to be investing a Le Maxi for better pedicure work since my husband's toes don't fit under the mini too well but with a paperback book we are able to get the job done.

Starter kit

Great kit to start with.

Mariana Magalhães

Sempre gostei de fazer a minha manicure em casa, mas com os vernizes normais perdia sempre uma tarde, pois demoram imenso tempo a secar. Este kit é simplesmente fantástico, muito fácil e rápido de usar e as unhas ficam perfeitas!

Mandy Shackelford
Game changer

First of all I've always been a huge fan of gel polish but honestly never had time to paint them with all of the different steps top/bottom/ activator coats until now! The le mini macaron has been such a blessing ,as a busy mom I now can actually paint my nails in around 10 instead of hours like I had to do with other gel polish. The light itself is so adorable I would love to have a few more lights to add tomy collection. I currently have 5 shades of Polish and I plan on purchasing more and telling all my friends about it! Thank you for a great product.

Rachel Menchaca

My husband knows how much I love gel manicures but hate spending the money every couple of weeks. He got me this as a Christmas gift and bought the exact color that is my go-to manicure color. I love how easy it is to use, not to mention how freaking cute it is! Definitely read the instructions carefully and make sure to use the nail file to rough up the nail so it will properly adhere.

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