Nude - Gel Manicure Kit


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Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

Customer Reviews

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Gwenda Caby
It is OK but not great.

I purchased the gel kit with the nude polish.
The polish has a very strong smell unlike other polish gels I have used. Maybe it is because is new.
The kit was easy to use and the color was nice.
I applied two coatings and they only lasted 3 days. I believe that because I didn't file my whole nail prior to applying the gel and maybe the grip was not strong enough.
I will try to file my nails and see if the gel can last longer. I am not sure if doing my own nails is something I enjoy too much. It is cost effective but somewhat tedious and time consuming.

Very dark nude

The pictures are a bit off and this nude is quite dark for a “nude”. The paint also chips after a few days if you do house chores.

Claudia Chavez

Loved the color but unfortunately it chipped the next day. It wasn’t even a small chip, it was the entire polish that came off. Don’t recommend

Tara Hales
Chips easily :(

Not sure what I was expecting but chips after one day. The not having to say to dry like regular polish is a plus. It is shinier than typical polish- but does not last

Judy A
Surprisingly good!

After seeing so many IG ads for this product, I finally caved in and ordered a set.

I followed the directions included and after initially messing up (my coats of gel polish were too thick), I finished my first gel manicure. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and fast it was. That tiny little light really did dry and harden the polish in 30 seconds. The manicure lasted about 10 days, although my right hand (my dominant hand) did start to peel/chip a bit around the cuticles. But that may also be because I got the polish too thick or too close to my cuticles.

The nude color was great. Very neutral and it looked good with my skin tone.

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