Le Maxi Deluxe Gel Manicure Set

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Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

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Karem Diaz
Great way to keep your hands pretty always

I have bought several times. The system, materials, colors are loved by my 21 y/o. She loves to be able to have her nails done in her own time and it’s easy, turn out great and we don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money every two weeks. Then, you add the excellent team and you get to be 100% satisfied costumer. Thanks! Happy Everything, to Everyone, Everywhere all the Time!

Great deal

I got this kit on sale during Black Friday and I was so excited for it to come in. I watched the video on how to do my nails and got painting. I love this system. I am pretty impatient with nail drying but I know when the light turns off I can move on to the next step. It probably took me a little over 15 minutes the first time but I was so happy with the results in the moment. After about a day the polish around my cuticles started to chip because I think I got some too close to the skin, plus I am pretty clumsy so I often hit my hand on this when running around. I also read that some people just have oilier nails so the product may not last the full two weeks. That made me a little sad but I decided to double down the second time I did my nails. I made sure to fully buff the top of my nail with the file, really cleaned off the top with nail polish remover, and doubled the curing time. I also got a top coat from a target close by. So far my nail polish has lasted a little over a week. While it has chipped a little I think the combination of the top coat and double curing time makes a difference for me. It takes longer than 15 minutes and doesn't last as long as a professional salon but it makes me happy and is definitely better than when I try to do my nails with regular nail polish. I hope has I get better at doing my nails it will last even longer :)


Perfect product

Nicolle M.
Best at home mani!

I've been a die hard salon goer for years - I have done it all from regular manis, acrylics (ew!), gel, dip, you name it, I have tried it. Now that I have 2 kids, sneaking off to the salon for a few hours is more and more difficult to do on a regular basis. Now, I can give myself an amazing gel mani in under 20 minutes from my own house! Highly recommend giving it a try!

Kathryn D
Love it!

I’m so happy with my purchase of the lamp, polishes and some extras. My daughter got it first and raved about it and did a manicure on me. I was hooked! My first manicure on my own was so easy and I highly recommend Le mini macaron to anyone wanting to do their own gels nails, it’s the best!

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