Le Maxi "Rouge & Moi" - Deluxe Gel Manicure Set


Why you'll love it



Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Fenicchia
Terrible products- do not waste your money.

UV lamp does not work and gel peels right off. I reached out to customer service and they told me I should try plugging the lamp into a laptop because that’s when it works it’s best?! Absolute junk. Do not waste your money!

Charell Chiger
Not Great; Really disappointed

I’ve tried this a couple of times and watched a couple of YouTube videos but the polish still peels off after a day. I never expected the manicure to last as long as when I go to the salon but did it expect it to last for a few days at least. I should have paid better attention to the most recent reviews for the product which might have tipped me off that it’s not as good as advertised.

Don’t buy it doesn’t work!!

I followed step by step instructions, but the Nail polish peels off after 3-4 days! Tried 3 times, and it peels off after a few days every time. Not worth the money for a manicure that only lasts a few days.

OMG, I’m obsessed!

Fell in love with my mini for travel, so I went ahead and bought the larger kit for home use. This has been a huge upgrade - saving me money on nail services, keeping my nails healthier by not having the salon damage my nails to change polish. It’s fun, fast, and easy. Lasts about 2 weeks for me but I’m hard on my nails because I work with my hands. Everyone on my Christmas list got a mini kit. This will be my “go to” gift for anyone in the future.

Gabriela Pineda
Not what I expected

Nail polish peels off, have tried all the shades following every step and still does not last more than 3 days. Very dissapointed. I wanted to try this for so long and since a hate going to sit down for more the 1.5hours to get them done I decided to purchase this expecting them to last at least one week but I regret this purchase so much. Also the red color lost the shine one the second day. Definetely not purchasing any other color.

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