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Jovita De La Cruz
Wasn't what I thought...

The colors don't stay on my nail , I tried all three and it doesn't stick.

Hello Jovita. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into describing your experience with our product.
We haven't had any news on the Disco Nails powders not sticking to nails before, so we would like to assist you in troubleshooting. Kindly reply to the email from our Customer Care team. They will be happy to help!

Regarding the application, please keep in mind our best tips:
- Make sure to apply a VERY thin first coat of gel polish, then a second slightly thicker coat.
- Cure the nail as soon as the gel is applied, to minimize the amount of time the gel is exposed to air. Also ensure you are curing your nail until the lamp automatically switches off.
- Apply the powder buffing onto the nail with the included applicator, then remove the excess powder with the brush side of the applicator.
- Don't forget to seal with our Shine topcoat.

Just OK

This is the only item I've purchased from Le Mini that I don't completely love. I bought this for the rose color and the effect is nothing like the photo. It looks exactly as the powder appears - burnt orange. I think it'd be cute as an accent nail in the fall paired with some brown gel on the other nails. I didn't see much of a difference between the other two colors. Also, the powder doesn't come off the buffer so it mixes. This set should come with 3 tiny buffers instead of just one. However, it is very inexpensive so if you like the colors, it's not a bad purchase. You have to cover with a topcoat.

Stunning powders.... endless colour choices

All I can say is wow!! When I was getting my nails done professionally, it was always such a high extra cost ($15-20 more) to get that holographic/metallic/chrome look. For $10 its a steal for all 3 shades of powders. The beauty is that especially with the silver, it changes colours depending on your base colour coat so the possibilites are literally endless. My only gripe/suggestion for improvement is PLEASE PLEASE sell this with a mini top coat! The full sized top coat is sold out 90% of the time so if you receive this first you literally have to wait to use it. The chrome and kittencorn powders come with baby sized top coats so this should too :) otherwise, no complaints

My nails looks amazing

This is my second purchase from mini macron and I love the powder it makes this cherry red looks amazing and for the price amazing

Daniel Simmonds
A million options!!

There’s 3 powders here, which already gives you options. What I love about these powders is that the base color gives you so many amazing options for subtle or bold color changes! I love it! Also super easy to use.

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