Paris Roc - 3-in-1 Super Hardener


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Kenzie Williams

I use this as a top and base coat with regular polish. I love that I can use the hardener with regular polish. It makes my normal polish last way longer than it would with a regular top coat. I’m excited to keep trying this out.

It's a win!

I really like this hardener. It applies like a typical air-dry polish, but it dries quickly and leaves a nice sheen on my nails. It doesn't look like a polish that sits on top of the nail and will chip. It appears to "soak into" the nail and bond with it. My nails looked less torn up, no longer had areas ready to peel away from the rest of my nail, and they all felt more sturdy. This really is perfect for between LMM manicures. I'm SO glad I decided to try this product.

t helps

I don't think it does miracles but I think it helps! Using this between my manis !


This works as a hardener when used alone or on top of air-dry polish! It's super shiny. I haven't used it for more than a week, so I don't know how it is with strengthening the nail over time yet. But so far, I do enjoy it!

Did not work for me

I read a lot of very good reviews on that one. I usually love Mini Macaron products because they have amazing colors but the hardener did not work for me. I tried to put it few times in the month and my nail remain the exact same.

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