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Gel Removal Bundle

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Save $5 when you purchase our ultimate gel removal bundle, including:

1 x Remover Kit (100 pads)

1 x Removal Clips (10 clips)


Easily remove your 1-step gel polish! (Designed to work with LMM 1-step gel polish, not designed for use with salon or 3-step gel polish formulas)

  • Self-contained remover wraps contain cotton wipe and acetone inside. Just tear open remover pad and wrap tightly around nail
  • Once your nail is wrapped in the remover pad, insert your finger into the removal clip and adjust to fit by gently tightening as needed. This will prevent air from entering the pad for an airtight seal and better removal!
  • Soak the gel for 15 min. Polish will lift off for easy removal.
  • Each pad is a single use. Just use and throw away. Removal clips are reusable!
  • Easy, convenient and no mess. Perfect for travel! Take only what you need.

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