Les Jellies Collection - Jelly Gel Polish

Grape Jelly
Mango Jelly
Mint Jelly

Pop, bounce & play with Les Jellies – a juicy, fruity collection of see-through color & jelly texture.

Cruelty Free, Vegan, 9 Free Gel Nail Polish

Instant #jellynails in a 1-step gel polish. Dry in 30 seconds with our LED lamp (not included). 


• Smooth, high-glide formula paints on easily

• 1-step polish eliminates the need for basecoat, topcoat or gel cleanser

• Dry in 30 seconds with LED light (no waiting for polish to dry!)

• Full DIY gel mani in as little as 15 minutes

• Lasts up to 10 days



Strawberry Jelly Gel Nail PolishStrawberry Jelly is a bright, fresh-picked pink that is sheerly bursting.

Rose Jelly Gel Nail PolishRose Jelly is a delicate, glossy hint of sheer rose petals.

Grape Jelly Gel Nail PolishGrape Jelly is a playful, pure, flavor-popping transparent purple.

Mango Jelly Gel Nail PolishMango Jelly is a freshly peeled, exotic & juicy translucent yellow-orange.

Mint Jelly Gel Nail PolishMint Jelly is a refreshing, watery-cool see-through minty blue.


Get the same look with our Milkshake Gel Nail Polish for a beautiful Nail Art Design!

File the edge and surface of your nail. Use nail polish remover to wipe away dust and oils.

Apply a VERY thin (barely there) layer of gel polish. Cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second layer of gel polish, and cure again. And that's it - you're done!

Use less for sheer color or layer to build stronger vibrancy.

(Must use with LED Lamp, not included.)