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Step By Step Gel Nails at Home

How to remove gel nail polish?

Will Le Mini Macaron’s LED lamp work with other brands of gel polish?

Yes, the lamp can work with any gel polish, if the gel is good quality. We can’t necessarily guarantee the results if it’s not our own gel, but it should work with other ones. Also different gel po...

Does LMM Nailcare need to be cured with a LED lamp?

All of our nail care items dry with air. There is no need to use the LED lamp to dry. Just apply 1 or 2 coats to bare nails and let them air dry.

How long will this last? What can I do to make it last longer?

Our 1-step gel is meant to last for 7 to 10 days chip-free. It’s designed to be easy to apply but also easy to remove so you can change up your color whenever you want. If you’d like to extend the ...

How is gel polish different from nail polish?

Gel polish manicures started to become popular in the past 4-5 years as an alternative to regular nail polish manicures. Whereas nail polish requires 20-30 minutes of air drying time (and can still...

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