Cassis - Gel Manicure Kit


Why you'll love it



Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

Customer Reviews

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Krystan Kohler
Good and bad

Good: fast, can do yourself, have everything to fix one nail that chips. Easier to get off than salon gel.
Bad: it is very hard to get it thin enough to cure. I’ve done it around 3x in the past two weeks and am finally getting hang of it. It does chip faster than a salon. The polish is thick, almost gummy and is somewhat hard to paint with.


I love this thing, even without a top coat nails are shiny. I love the short wait time for your nails to dry. Very convenient. Great colours.

Taylor Brown
Great product, needs improvements

This product seems to be pretty good. It works as described, the gel coating seems to last. My only critique is that the unit needs stronger magnets to hold the base to the LED top. And this unit needs to be battery operated / rechargeable. You have to keep the unit plugged in while using it, and the supplied cord is not long. The instructions suggest doing one finger completely at a time so that means sitting or standing near an outlet to get thru both hands, portability it’s needed for this device to get 5stars from me. Over all, will continue to use and like it.

Michelle Feldman
Great alternative!

Bought for my daughter's, they absolutely love it! Need more color choices and a top coat, any suggestions?


I just did my third manicure using Le Mini, and I’m pleasantly surprised by both how easy it is to use and how good it looks. It took a couple tries to get the hang of the thin layers, but it’s a simple process. I particularly appreciate that if I mess up a layer, I can simply wipe it away before curing. I also LOVE that if I chip a single nail, it’s *no big* and I can just fix it on the spot.
The Cassis color is a deep berry color - very pretty and nice for the holidays. Definitely takes three coats for it to be opaque if you’re doing thin coats!
Overall love Le Mini. I’ve already recommended it to several people I know.

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