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Jardin Secret: Unlocked

From color creation to launch

Jardin Secret Gel Polishes - Le Mini Macaron


The secret is out! ‘Jardin Secret’ that is. Last week we launched our fall collection of 3 all-new gel polish shades that are optimally autumnal: Emerald Green, a lush dark green and classic autumn hue, Dark Plum, a shimmery, deep reddish-purple, and Pistachio, a fresh, pale green that is a perfect neutral for fall.

We sat down with our Creative Director, Louise, to get the behind the scenes dish on this new collection. Keep reading to find out how she chose the final shades, her favorite part of the creative process, and what inspires her for every launch.

Jardin Secret Collection Shooting 1- Le Mini Macaron


‘Jardin Secret’ is the new Fall 2021 launch, how long has this collection been in the works?

I started working on this collection about a year ago.

Wow! A long time… How did you select the colors for this launch?

With any newness, I try to think about what shades we don’t have and then I research what the trends are or will be. Dark Plum was the first shade I chose – I was sure it would be a hit for the fall season. Then, I needed a pop of color to contrast with Dark Plum, so I chose Pistachio. Then once I had those two, I added Emerald Green to balance it out. I definitely wanted to add more greens to the range so Pistachio and Emerald Green add something we don’t have yet.

Jardin Secret Collection Shooting 2 - Le Mini Macaron


So, you have an idea of what shades you want, how do you arrive at the right color? That perfect shade that’s in your mind, how does that come to life?

Well, once I have an idea of the shades I want, I work with our chemist to let them know what types of shades I have in mind. We usually go back and forth a few times. I give them feedback and they adjust the colors based on this. It usually takes a few months to get it just right.

The latest launches have been duos, what made you do a trio with this fall launch?

I wanted a collection of colors that could be worn separate or together and give some options for nail art combinations.

Emerald Green & Pistachio Gel Polishes


Why is the collection called ‘Jardin Secret’? How did you choose it?

Sometimes I know right away when I’m selecting the colors and creating the universe of the collection what the color names will be, and I have some ideas about the name of the collection as a whole. Once I present the colors and the mood of the collection to the team (Graphic Design & Marketing), we usually work together to come up with a name that fits. For this collection, after looking at the mood board, we came up with this idea and story of a “secret garden” and in true LMM fashion, we changed it to French, so we have ‘Jardin Secret’.

What inspired the mood for the photo shoot?

First, I make a mood board and create the universe of the collection. For these colors, I wanted something very bucolic and reminiscent of nature in autumn. I also took some of the fashion and rural aspects of the Cottagecore aesthetic and incorporated them into the mood of the launch. It really is a team effort, so I rely on the team and especially our Senior Graphic Designer, Vanessa, to help select which elements we can bring into the shoot depending on the theme and mood. So, in the end what we have is lots of flowers, plants, greenery and images that are warm, cozy, and make you want to escape to this quiet countryside we’ve created – our own secret garden.

Jardin Secret Inspo - Le Mini Macaron


What’s your favorite part about the creative process for new shades or collection launches?

I would have to say choosing the colors is always fun, but my favorite part is building a world with the colors. I love creating a universe for the colors through mood boards and telling their story.

What inspires you when creating newness?

I like to look at what colors we are missing first. Then I study magazines, trends, fashion week runways, social media, what’s in stores, and, of course, what’s popular in real life – how girls on the street are styled, what they’re wearing on TV series. My own style is very simple, I am by no means a “fashionista”, but you learn so much by just observing and a lot of times the inspo comes from last minute, in-the-moment trends.


Right now, you can get the ‘Jardin Secret’ trio for $30

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