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Step By Step Gel Nails at Home

How to remove gel nail polish?

Stardust Liquid Nail Powders: Take Your Mani to Cosmic Heights!

Stardust Liquid Nail Powders: Take Your Mani to Cosmic Heights!

Imagine a universe of vibrant, chromatic finishes right at your fingertips. With our new Stardust Liquid Nail Powders, you can take your mani to cosmic heights. If you love a simple yet mesmerizing...

Le Mini Macaron Short Nail Trends of 2024.

Our Favorite Short Nail Trends

We know all too well that short nails often get overlooked in favor of their longer, sleeker counterparts. In addition to enhancing one's physical appearance, long nails can also provide a sense of...

Easy Nail Art Designs for Spring 2024

Easy Nail Art Designs for Spring 2024

So often we think of nail art as overly complicated and something best left to the pros, but that´s not true. With the right tools and a little bit of know-how, anyone can get fun, creative nail ar...

Le Mini Macaron Spring 2024 nail trends.

Spring 2024 Nail Trends

Hey there, chérie! Can you feel it? Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it's time to shed those winter blues and bloom with our favorite spring-inspired nail trends. Fr...

Le Mini Macaron winter nail art trends.

Winter Nail Art Trends: Easy and Trendy Designs for Cool Nails

Elevate your cool-girl style this winter with these trendy nail art ideas that are easy enough to do right at home. From Valentine-inspired nails to chic gradient designs and timeless French sophis...

Le mini macaron almond shape nails

The most impressive designs of elegant almond nails to do at home

Elegant and trendy almond nail designs continue to be one of the most popular nail shapes in 2023. This simple yet trendy nail shape adds a touch of sophistication to any manicure. As an added bon...

le mini macaron easy nail designs

Easy nail designs: There are no more excuses to not wear a manicure!

When it comes to personal style, our nails can be an extension of who we are, show our personality, and make a lasting impression!  For centuries, people have been using nail art as a way to expre...

Leopard nails step by step

Leopard nails step by step

Break out of the same old mani routine and unleash your inner fierce feline with leopard nail design! With untamed patterns and captivating spots, leopard nail art allows you to make a bold statem...

Minimalist nails: less is more for manicure designs

Minimalist nails: less is more for manicure designs

Minimalist nails are all about simplicity. Whether you want to keep the nails looking clean and natural with a more subtle color palette and natural-looking tones, or by using the modern shades of...

What are aesthetic nails?

What are aesthetic nails?

Aesthetic nails are nail art looks that follow a specific style, theme, or trend. An aesthetic is essentially the beauty and overall style of something, and when it comes to aesthetic nails there ...

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