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The most impressive designs of elegant almond nails to do at home

Elegant and trendy almond nail designs continue to be one of the most popular nail shapes in 2023. This simple yet trendy nail shape adds a touch of sophistication to any manicure. As an added bonus, they're great for those who want a fierce look without resorting to talon-like points. Whether you prefer short or long almond nails, there are so many almond nail designs you can try at home to compliment your personal style.

 le mini macaron almond shaped nails

What are almond-shaped nails?

A classic shape that works well on just about anyone and any size nail, an almond-shaped nail is slender on the sides and wide on the base, coming to a peak—reminiscent of an actual almond. While the slimming silhouette works best on medium to long nails to create the illusion of extra length, short nails can also don an almond shape. The only requirement for short almond nails is to have a nail bed that is longer than the base of your finger.


How to make almond nails at home?

To achieve elegant and trendy almond-shaped nails at home, you will need a few basic tools: a nail file, nail clippers, a cuticle pusher, a buffing block, and your choice of nail polish or nail art supplies. Le Mini Macaron gel manicure kit includes everything you need for a DIY gel manicure, and we can help you make almond nails at home! Follow these simple steps to create beautiful almond-shaped nails:


Step 1: Trim your nails

Start by trimming your nails to your desired length, keeping in mind the almond shape you want to achieve. For short almond nails, opt for a length that doesn't extend too far beyond the fingertip.


Step 2: File your nails

Gently file the sides of each nail into a tapered shape, gradually narrowing towards the tip. Be sure to file in one direction to prevent splitting or damage to the nails.


Step 3: Clean your nails

Use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles, creating a clean and neat nail bed. Then, use a buffing block to smooth the surface of the nails, ensuring a polished and even base for your chosen nail design. Use our Nail Cleanser Prep Pads to wipe away any additional oils on your nails. This is the most important step for a long-lasting chip-free manicure.


Step 4: Paint your nails

Now, you're ready to create stunning almond nail designs! Express your personality and get creative with Le Mini Macaron DIY “Nail Play” nail art set. This little set makes it easy to dress up your mani, includes nail art stickers, three different sparkly embellishments, a tweezers for easy application and a top coat to seal in the design! Or say “Bonjour” to creating a twist on a classic with Le Frenchie Noire gel polish set. French manicures never go out of style and are a perfect match for almond shaped nails!


5 almond nail designs

le mini macaron black licorice almond nails

Black almond nails

Embrace the allure of a classic black manicure on your almond-shaped nails. This sleek and sophisticated design suits any occasion and pairs well with both casual and formal attire. You can enhance the look by adding a glossy top coat or incorporating minimalist nail art accents, such as thin silver lines or delicate geometric patterns.

 le mini macaron short almond nails

Short almond nails

Short almond nails offer an elegant yet trendy option for those who prefer a more practical length. Experiment with pastel shades, vibrant colors, or elegant neutrals to create a versatile and eye-catching manicure. Consider adding a touch of sparkle with glitter polish or incorporating negative space designs for a modern twist.

 le mini macaron long almond shaped nails

Long almond nails

Make a bold statement with long almond nails. Embrace the length and embrace various nail art techniques, such as ombré gradients, intricate floral designs, or captivating 3D embellishments. Long almond nails allow for more surface area, providing ample space for creative experimentation.

 le mini macaron short nail designs

Decorated almond nails

Unleash your artistic side by adorning your short or long almond-shaped nails with stunning decorations. From delicate rhinestones to charming floral motifs, the possibilities are endless. Create a unique and personalized design by mixing and matching different elements or opt for a cohesive theme that reflects your individual style.

 le mini macaron nude almond nails

Nude almond nails

For an elegantly trendy look, nude almond nails are an excellent choice. Nude shades offer a subtle elegance and complements any outfit or occasion. Experiment with different nude tones and finishes, such as matte or glossy, to achieve a refined and polished appearance.


With the right tools and a little creativity, you can achieve impressive almond-shaped nails at home. From classic black designs to short or long nails, decorated or nude styles, there are endless possibilities to express your personal style. So, gather your Le Mini Macaron favs and create elegant and trendy almond nail designs that will have people saying “oh-la-la” wherever you go. .
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