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Top Tips From You!

ICYMI, we have an exclusive VIP Facebook Group, LMM Chéries. It’s our little space on the internet where LMM lovers go to share mani photos, tips, tricks, and just have a good time talking all things LMM.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, do! In the meantime, we’re sharing some of the top tips from some of our top contributing Chéries!

Sydney - @nailsbysmf

Sydney’s Top 3 Application Tips:

“Shake or roll the bottle.”

“Make sure your nail is cleaned and prepped well. I find when my nail has oils (even though you can’t see them) the polish shrinks.”

“Do thin layers, paint and cure one finger at a time.”


Cindy - @tangoc_

Cindy’s tip for even gel polish application:

“One thing I do is shake the bottle before I use it. Because LMM [gel polish] is 3-in-1, it has base, colour, and top coat built in. If the bottle sits for a while, these 3 elements aren’t evenly distributed in the bottle. I give it a shake to [blend] it.”


 Rita - @nailsby_rbk

Rita’s removal tips:

Proper removal is super important to prevent thin/weak nails. I had gotten lazy with my removal and peeled off a few manis in a row and really paid the price… If the polish doesn’t come right off, file down [the first layer of gel polish] more and/or soak longer [with the Remover Wraps]. I also make sure to moisturize and use cuticle oil daily. I love LMM’s hand masks when I’m really needing that extra hydration!”

Want more tips like these straight from LMM lovers like you? Join us over on FB, chérie!

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