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As our our cheries know, manicures are an essential part of our personal style, enhancing the beauty of our hands and nails. Over the years, various types of nails styles have emerged, each one catering to different preferences, occasions, and nail conditions. From semi-permanent gel to acrylic, dip powders and nail art, each unique offering features designs to suit all preferences and ensure that you are always tres chic. The wide range of manicure types ensures that everyone can find a style that reflects their unique personal style.

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Type of Manicures According to the Duration of the Nail Polish

When it comes to the duration of nail polish, the two commonly known types are semi-permanent and permanent manicures, each offering different benefits.


Semi-Permanent Manicure

A semi-permanent manicure, or gel manicure, uses of a gel-based nail polish, like LMM’s gel polish kits. The gel polish is applied in layers and then cured under a LED lamp to harden and set the polish. The curing process helps the polish to last longer and resist chipping.


An LMM fav, a semi-permanent manicure will last for about two to three weeks without significant chipping or fading. With their glossy and durable finish, a semi-permanent gel manicure is popular choice for anyone who wants their manicure to last longer than a few days.


Permanent Manicure

Permanent manicures, or acrylic or artificial nails, use nail extensions made from acrylic or gel. These extensions are applied over the natural nails to add length and shape. The artificial nails are then filed and shaped according to the desired style. Permanent manicures are designed to last for an extended period, usually several weeks or even months, depending on the individual's nail growth and maintenance routine. The durability of permanent manicures makes them a popular choice for those who prefer long-lasting nail enhancements.

 le mini macaron manicures

Manicures According to the Nail Polish

Manicures can also be classified based on the type of nail polish used. From a basic manicure with traditional nail polish to the elaborate Russian manicure, there’s a style for everyone, depending on your personal esthetic.


Regular or Basic Manicure

This is the most common type of manicure, where a base coat, traditional colored nail polish, and topcoat are applied. It can be done with any regular nail polish available in various colors and finishes. A basic manicure typically includes nail cleaning, cuticle care, nail shaping or filing, buffing, hydration, and polish application with a base coat, colored polish, and topcoat applied for a finished look.


French Manicure

A French manicure is a timeless classic that favors a natural-looking base with clean, white tips. The steps involved are the same as a basic manicure, but polish choices are different and is super easy to do at home with our Le Frenchie Gel Polish Set. A sheer, natural-colored base coat is applied to give the nails a clean and polished appearance, followed by a white nail polish or nail guide strips to create the typically white tips. Once the tips are dry, a sheer or pale pink polish is applied over the entire nail to create a natural and subtle gradient effect. A final topcoat adds shine and helps with longevity.


Japanese Manicure

Japanese manicure, also known as "Yumeki," is an ancient nail treatment method that focuses on natural nail care to strengthen, condition, and prep the nails. Known for its gentle and non-invasive nature, the Japanese manicure strengthens nails while stimulating blood circulation to promote healthy nail growth. The absence of harsh chemicals and excessive filing makes it a suitable choice for those with dry, brittle or damaged nails. Also, the natural ingredients used in the process provide nourishment and hydration, resulting in stronger and healthier nails over time.


To get a gorgeous Japanese manicure at home, you will need a few of the nail care essentials and tools. Our must-have trio of best-selling nail care products, Love Your Nails - Nail Treatment Trio will help strengthen, protect, & hydrate your nails.


Russian Manicure

The Russian nail method is a nail care technique that focuses on achieving flawlessly clean and well-groomed nails. Unlike traditional manicures, the Russian manicure, which can also be used for pedicures, is a dry procedure, meaning the nails are not soaked. A Russian manicure is more intricate and precise, using a special nail drill to clean and remove excess cuticle skin around the nail bed, along with gentle filing and the removal of dead skin cells to reveal healthier, smoother nails. If you don’t have an electronic buffer, c'est la vie! Our 4-sided buffer nail block is a must-have tool for preparing the nail bed. Each side will help you to file, shape, buff and shine your nails to Russian manicure perfection!


What Kind of Manicure Is Better?

When it comes to what type of manicures is the best, well, that depends on YOU! The best manicure for you depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and nail health. Some people prefer the longevity and durability of gel or acrylic nails, while others opt for simpler options like basic or French manicures. So feel free to experiment, express your own style and see what type of manicure works for you.
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