Fleur Bleue - Gel Manicure Kit


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Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Field
Popped of like Lee Press Ons

I was really excited to get my kit in the mail. The colors are so pretty and I love how compact the light is. But I found the polish very hard to work with. I’ve done my nails three different times now and have had the same results. Streaky, then clumpy. And by the second day the whole polish chips off. Very disappointed.

Lena Frey
Chipped Immediately

I was so excited to try this out especially with such unique colors. I got my kit, read the directions and prepped/applied correctly. They looked beautiful! I’m not particularly rough on nails and was folding laundry when I saw a piece of blue on one of my towels. My brand new nail chipped. Convinced it was just the one, I repainted it and moved on. By evening I had three massive chips and by the next day they were nearly completely off. Ironically these work worse than regular nail Polish!

Love on the first day but doesn’t last 2 days

I was really hopeful this would work for me, but it doesn’t last 2 days and certainly not 2 weeks. I’ve tried a few different ways for application and also bought the top coat, but there has always been chipping by day 2. It looks beautiful on the first day though. I’m not sure if there’s a trick I’m missing or it’s just me being tough on my hands.

Lizzie Hagerty

i like the product and i like how fast i’m able to go my nails, however all of them tend to chip very quickly like within 12 hours

Great Color, Okay results

I’ve tried a few LMM colors now and the specific formula for this color seems off. The shine doesn’t last and the color turns more chalky/matte after a few days. Even though I tried applying after re-shaking the bottle prior to each nail. I would recommend getting the top coat for this color to maintain the shine. Otherwise the color is pretty! In terms of how long it lasts, unfortunately, some nails only lasted 1-2 days before peeling off completely even though I followed the instructions. With other colors, I’ve tried curing for longer and adding on the top coat and that seems to help but some nails still aren’t lasting as long as I expected.

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