Rose Gold - Gel Manicure Kit


Why you'll love it



Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Fischer
Love this!!! So Awesome!!

I love the color and the speed in which I received my order! And my mini macharon light!! I will definitely be ordering more soon!!!

María Fonseca
Rose gold

Very good quality, stays on for at 2-3 weeks.
In regards the color, is very light. I applied 3 layers and still lighter than in the model’s hand.
Super practical

Sissi Vargas

I must tell you; this is the first nail polish that I actually like. I've always been such a klutz when it comes to nails, I do them and ruin them the next minute. So having a product that dried nail by nail has been an actual relief. The same goes for removing it without so much of a hassle. Bonus: I like the fact that it doesn't take me that much time! So, maybe I'm not a 15 min mani kind of girl, but I take no longer than 30 min tops for a manicure and get them perfect, and that's fine by me. Same with removal took me about 20 min without damaging my nails. I loved the product. So much I went and bought several more nail polishes.

Easy & Great Quality

I’ve tried drug story “14 Day” 2 steps that never worked as well as actual at home 3 step gel kits and by far this is truly the easiest and best at home gel kit set. Colors are beautiful and does last about 14 days and by that time it is easy to remove without damage or issues. Highly recommend.

Shruthi Gopalakrishnan
Gel Manicure at ease - Rose Gold

Loving this kit. Easy to use. Rose Gold is lovely but a bit transparent, I had to apply 3 coats to get an opaque look. The polish is still on even after 2 weeks of application. Great for beginners. Buying more from soon!!

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