Wintergreen - Gel Polish


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2 weeks!

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Rachel Braswell
Great color, that’s it.

The color is lovely. A dark teal green. It needed 2 coats and I ended up adding a top coat because it did not feel cured even after extra time under the light. It peeled and chipped 3 days in and didn’t feel strong at all. Very disappointed!

Hello Rachel. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into describing your experience with our product.
Please keep in mind our best tips for polish application:
- Make sure the first coat of gel polish is VERY thin (barely there). This is extremely important to ensure that the base layer is not too thick, which will affect the lasting.
- Cure the nail as soon as the gel is applied, to minimize the amount of time the gel is exposed to air. Also ensure you are curing your nail until the lamp automatically switches off.
For further information, you can check our FAQs at:
You can also watch a video by our founder Christina, on best tips for product application:


Very dark green almost black. Can be lighter and more green with less coats. Love the color

Julia Canfield
Such a pretty color

The color is so gorgeous, it's really a blackened teal. This polish gets super dark and opaque with two coats. Holds up really well. Overall super impressed with this brand. There is no irritation to my skin, but the quality is still just as good as other gel polishes.


Great color for doing details on floral designs.

J Ruiz
Really Cute!

I really love this color! Its a dark green that almost looks black in dark lighting. The polish stays on pretty well, i used this color for a pedicure :) so far its been a good week and only my big toe is a little chipped - but only because i wear steel toe shoes fory job. Other than that- i love :)