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Heritage & Shades: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

We’re celebrating the amazing contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States of America. Keep reading to learn more about our own team’s heritage, and how their culture shines through our shades. 


Alberto- Peruvian

Shade: Papaya Sorbet

Hola Alberto, our Marketing Director - Europe! Born to Peruvian parents, Alberto actually started his journey in Chile. At the age of two, his family moved back to Peru where he spent his childhood and majority of his adult life. While he has been living in Europe since 2006, Peru will always have his heart. Staying true to the warmth and friendly nature of the Peruvian culture, Alberto chose the bright and vibrant Papaya Sorbet. This bright orange, he believes, reflects the happy attitude and smiley nature of the peruvian culture. 


Andy- Spanish 

 Shade: Cherry Red

Hola Andy, our Marketing Manager USA! Andy was born and raised in Barcelona.From there,  spent some time in the US before returning to Barcelona. Andy believes the shade Cherry Red perfectly embodies many of the Spanish traditions and rich culture.This true red can be seen in bullfighters capes, the traditional Spanish flower “Gardenias,” their famous Rioja red wine, and the traditional “Sevillana '' dresses. Red symbolizes the passion in Spanish culture that is commonly seen in their music, dancing, food, and overall way of life. 


Carla- Latina

Shade: Pink Orchid

Hola Carla, our Account Manger USA! While Carla grew up in Spain, she actually started her life in Ecuador. Having strong relations to both nationalities, Carla is proud to share her heritage and chose the vibrant shade Pink Orchid. Orchids are native to Ecuador and part of their natural landscape. This bold, happy, and warm neon statement shade, she believes is a great reflection of both her Spanish and Ecuadorian cultures. As welcoming and easy going people who value social gatherings around food, family time, and good friends, Pink Orchid perfectly embodies the positive and optimistic nature of both nationalistes. 

Natalia- Argentinian

Shade: FLeur Bleu 

Hola Natalia, our Creative Director! Natalia spent most of her life in Argentina only recently moving to Barcelona within the past few years. Natalia described her culture as warm and inviting individuals who aren’t afraid to greet you with a big hug! Natalia chose the shade Fleur Bleu. As a family orientated culture, Natalia recalled how this cool-tone shade reminded her of the times her family and friends would gather for non stop eating under the blue skies. First they would have picada, then asado, followed by a delicious cool desert like ice cream. 

Melissa- Latina

Shade: Lilac Blossom 

Hola Melissa, our Community Manager! Originally from the US, Melissa’s family roots can be found in Colombia. Melissa describes being Latina as fun and full of life. She takes great pride in her family and culture and believes Lilac Blossom perfectly encaptures her roots. This pastel purple symbolizes spirituality. A theme that can be seen throughout the Colombian culture. Colombian people are warm, easy to approach, and full of life. Dancing, drinking, and food is a big part of her culture.

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