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5 Non-Cliche Holiday Manicures

The holidays are officially here, and while we love seeing all the cute Holiday nails decorated with reindeer, Santa hats, and gingerbread, what’s a girl to do if she wants a Holiday mani but isn’t into all that festive bling? We get it, you’re not the Grinch but would rather have a more subtle, non-cliche Holiday manicure. Don’t worry, LMM’s got you covered! We have five non-cliche Holiday mani’s that will get you in the holiday spirit without all the candy canes and twinkling lights.


Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails
Thanks to Hailey Bieber the glazed donut nail trend is here to stay. We love this trend and while the original has a white base with a glaze finish, the new chocolate glaze donut nails are the new pumpkin spice latte! The perfect mani for staying home in your cozy pjs and baking all day.

You’ll need: Latte + Pearlsence


White & Green French Manicure
A classic, sophisticated Frenchie with just a bit of a Holiday twist. We love how Heluviee used our Emerald shade over Milkshake for this modern holiday color combo. Most people may have used a shade of red, but the green is a refreshing holiday surprise!

You’ll need: Emerald Green + Milkshake


Clean Girl Look
A clean and simple mani does not mean a plain and boring mani! A natural base with festive nail stickers is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate the holidays in style, We can’t think of a more sophisticated way to celebrate than pairing this mani with a bubbly glass of champagne!

You’ll need: Creme Brule + Lucky Stars


Subtle Glittery Deep Red
Okay, it just wouldn't be the holidays without including a classic red mani, and a red mani is never cliche. This sparkling beauty is sure to get you through all those holiday parties and gift exchanges you said yes to!

You’ll need: Red Velvet + Platinum Sparkle


Winter Wonderland Tips These glittery tips say you’re here for the party without making you feel like a giant disco ball (or Holiday ornament). Sometimes less is more, and the glittery tips here bring just enough sparkle and shine. Nails by @natalik_nails

You’ll need: Meringue + Disco Pink Glitter


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