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How to Revitalize and Reset Your Nails in the New Year

The holidays have come and gone. And while all the cheery, sparkly nail colors of the season were fun, your nails deserve a rest and could use some TLC. Never fear, your guide to revitalize and reset your nails in the New Year is here.
The good news is that a nail reset is easy with the right support. Taking proper steps and care will help give your nails—and perhaps your spirits—a much-needed lift during these grey winter months. The New Year is the perfect time to start anew; so, let's get started on how to revitalize and reset your nails.

Why It Is Necessary to Reset Your Nails

Taking care of your nails is much more than a beauty routine—it is a necessity. Neglecting to take the proper steps to maintain the health and appearance of your nails after gel application can lead to weakened nails. Keeping up with basic nail care is critical, but also fast and easy to do. A few minutes of daily care can go a long way in the health and strength of your nails.

To help support your nail care journey, we've compiled a list of essential treatments.

Four Ways Buffer

The use of a buffer is essential for the maintenance of healthy nails. When it comes to proper nail care, buffing your nails can do wonders. It smoothens out ridges, shines, and allows you to even them out seamlessly. There are four ways our buffer can be used. The fine-grain side is for filing and shaping your nails, the medium side is to smooth them out, the extra-fine grain side is for polishing, and finally, the super-fine side will give you that bling, bling mirror shine. A few swipes with the buffer of your choice is the first step in your new year, new me nail care recovery.

LMM - 4 Ways Buffer

Rescue Moi

Do your nails seem weak after back-to-back gel manicures? Fear not. Rescue Moi After Gel Nail Recovery restores fragile nails in just one week. Containing Vitamins B5 and C to deeply hydrate and nourish the nail surface, this intensive treatment allows you to pageant wave goodbye to brittle nails and transform your hands into a work of art. Rescue Moi is your golden ticket to beautiful and healthy nails.

LMM- Rescue Moi

Oh My Crème 

Bumpy, uneven nails aren’t the best look. Smooth your nails’ surface in a snap. Oh, My Crème - Nail Ridge Filler helps you quickly restore your nails with its convenient 3-in-1 formula. Try it out and enjoy beautiful, healthy nails with dramatically improved strength, shine, and durability with one quick coat.

LMM- Oh my creme

Plant Power 

Plant-powered revitalization is the answer to your green goddess prayers for stronger, healthier nails. Get ready to say goodbye to dry cuticles, splitting, and ragged edges for life with our famed nail fortifier. This innovative plant-based treatment contains 74% natural origin ingredients, including Bamboo extract, squalane, and pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen nails from deep within their core. In just two weeks, you'll see results that'll make you wonder why you didn't switch to team plants sooner. Your nails will be smoother, more durable, and significantly stronger. Now's the time to invest in long-lasting nail health with Plant Power.

LMM- Plant power


Refresh and revitalize your manicure this season with Lunegloss's Overnight Nail Serum. This remarkable nail treatment offers you a luxurious formula packed with premium oils, including a caviar extract, to provide deep hydration that will nurture natural nail health, and restore your nail’s luminous shine. This serum goes to work while you sleep soundly. Reawaken your nails to their former glory. Let Lunegloss revitalize your nails and help you reset in between your next gel set.

LMM - Lunegloss

Rosé Kiss Oil

Trying to tackle pesky hangnails and eradicate dry skin can feel like an uphill struggle. But, it doesn’t have to be. Investing in a luxurious nail and cuticle oil is the perfect solution if you struggle with harsh dryness–especially during the winter months. Just a few drops of Rose Kiss Nail & Cuticle Oil, can provide your hands with ultra-hydration while leaving behind a mesmerizing light rose scent. 

LMM- Rose Kiss

Oh My Cherie Moisturizing Hand Cream

If you're looking to nourish your hands back to butter-soft, oh-la-la glory, look no further than our Oh My Cherie Moisturizing Hand Cream. The sweet scent of cherries is just what you need to relax, reset and hydrate your hands back to peak softness. This luscious hand cream will rescue your cold, dry hands from winter’s frightful bite. It’s a must-have staple that keeps your hands looking supple and, dare we say, kissable day after day.

LMM- Oh my cherie cream

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