The Best Gel Polish Color For Your Zodiac Sign

The launch of our new, zodiac-inspired Lucky Star Nail Stickers has us more inspired than ever to create nail looks that are written in the stars. Not only adorning our fingers with these delicate, gold stickers that make nail art easy and instant but also aligning our base color of choice with our astrological symbol. Need help choosing the perfect gel nail color based on your star sign? Keep reading, your manicure horoscope is here!

Aries – Cherry Red

The leader of the zodiac, Aries are daring, courageous and not afraid to try new trends. A bright, bold red is the best match for their fiery personality.

Taurus – Emerald Green

Tauruses are drawn to beauty and have an inherent connection to nature and all living things. A deep, lush green is a great go-to for this true Earth sign.

Gemini – Lemon Sorbet

Geminis are naturally curious and get bored easily. Their fun, energetic personality would never get bored with a bright yellow that fits their extroverted character.

Cancer – Milkshake

The most emotional personality of the zodiac, Cancers are ruled by the moon. A rich white that works year-round is ideal for this sign that loves familiarity and stability.

Leo – Golden Glow

Leos are all about self-confidence. They aren’t afraid to be expressive and love turning heads. A sparkly, eye-catching shimmer shade is the perfect pick to show off these traits.

Virgo – Latte

Virgos are perfectionists and crave simplicity. For this reason, they tend to stay away from colorful nail polish shades. Soft, creamy neutral browns fit their practical personalities the best.

Libra – Fairy Floss

Libras appreciate the finer things in life. They love beauty and femininity, so a delicate baby pink is the ideal choice for these natural-born charmers.

Scorpio – Licorice

Scorpios are deeply emotional and a bit mysterious. Naturally drawn to intense colors, a rich, opaque black is the best match for their mood.

Sagittarius – Dark Plum

Adventurous and spontaneous, Sagittarians love to explore. Born to be free, a shimmery purple resonates with their creative, energetic spirits.

Capricorn – Dark Velvet

Capricorns are super ambitious and focused. They don’t like anything that distracts them from their goals, including bright colors, so a cool, dark gray is likely to be their go-to hue.

Aquarius – Pearlescence

Aquarians are unique and inventive. They’re drawn to iridescent shades with a subtle glow that reflect their free-spirited, eccentric personality without being too flashy.

Pisces – Pistachio

Pisces are imaginative with an innate connection to the world around them. A neutral pale green that reflects their dreamy, adaptable personality is the perfect match.